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We are excited to introduce Zubie Crew, a brand new FREE Mobile App for your drivers included in our Zubie Business solution.  It's designed to help you improve your fleet's performance - from the ground up.

Zubie Crew helps drivers see the results of their behavior - every day and even every trip - to become safer and more efficient.  We suggest customers use the Zubie Crew app along with the Leaderboard or Driver Scorecard Reports to understand trends on a weekly or monthly basis.

Drivers will have access to only their own driving data including:

  • A Driver Scorecard including metrics like idle time, speeding and hard brakes
  • Post-Trip Alerts with driving stats, events and detailed map
  • Alerts about Engine, Battery or Low Fuel problems
  • Directions to their vehicle's current location

To learn more about Zubie Business, visit us at zubie.com/business.  To learn more about setting up the Zubie Crew app, check out this Help Center article or contact us with any questions!

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