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08 Apr 2021

A Deep Dive into Zubie Smart Maintenance

A healthy fleet of vehicles keeps your business running efficiently. S...

31 Mar 2021

Three Simple Steps: How Zubie Handles Fleet Management Pricing

As the common saying goes - money makes the world go round, and busine...

19 Mar 2021
| 2 min read

4 Key Performance Indicators World Class Fleet Managers Never Ignore

Tracking KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is a necessary strategy for...

10 Mar 2021

5 Key Ways Zubie Reduces Fleet Expenses

Fleets can be expensive to manage, especially when left unchecked. It ...

01 Mar 2021
| 2 min read

What is Zubie Dashcam and How does it Help Fleet Managers?

Zubie’s newest product, Zubie Dashcam, is our video data solution that...

17 Feb 2021

How Zubie’s Fleet Management Helps Landscaping and Mosquito Services

While Spring is not quite officially here, many landscaping and mosqui...

03 Feb 2021
| 3 min read

NADA Week: How Dealers Deploy Fleet Management for Loaner Programs

In a previous article, we explored the ways in which dealerships can u...

28 Jan 2021

What if My Fleet Management Needs Change?

One of the biggest barriers to entry for fleet managers considering a ...

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