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Written by Zubie Team
on June 24, 2020

The “less is more” aesthetic has finally established itself in the world of technology. Even though the first plain white iGadget found its way into the marketplace nearly 20 years ago, it has taken nearly this long for many software and hardware providers to understand how to make products simple at their core. Companies used to pride themselves on “plug and play” solutions that could be set up easily. 

The problem is, in the fleet management game, the simple solutions also tend to be devoid of functionality. Want to know where your vehicle is? Great! Want to know ANYTHING beyond that? Forget it. When you’re paying for a cheap track and trace solution, you’re getting exactly what you pay for. 

For most fleet managers, their expectations are even greater now: not just plug and play, but also intuitive to install and use and analytically powerful. That used to be the trade-off - trade simple for powerful. Powerful software platforms were complex. Powerful hardware required expertise to install. Simplicity meant sacrificing flexibility or reducing functionality. 

But that’s no longer the case. To put it simply -- we expect beauty AND the beast.

At Zubie, simple has been our north star. We believe that simple, powerful, feature-rich telematics solutions can, and must, co-exist. Businesses shouldn’t have to trade an easy-to-use interface and logical flow in order to get a powerful analytical tool. So, if you’re in the middle of making a decision on which telematics solution to use, here’s our pitch on why a simple to use solution makes the best solution.


1. Simple = Smarter

Some auto enthusiasts still refuse to accept an automatic transmission - to them, it feels like a loss of control over the fine points of driving. Engineers have spent decades perfecting fuel-efficient, powerful automatics that also enable comfortable and convenient driving? We’d venture to say that the automotive engineers have thought through problems that 95% of us have never even considered. These enthusiasts seem to believe, if you do less work, driving is less fun.

The same goes for software. While there are some fleet managers that really want to dig into the raw data and slice and dice it themselves, most of us don’t. We want tools that serve up at LEAST the low hanging fruit. Using these tools should be simple to the average user. The goal isn’t to do MORE work -- it’s to make the work -- managing, optimizing, and maintaining your fleet, easier. Zubie’s team has thought through the same considerations when building our web application. Information should be simple to find, simple to understand, and simple to act on. If software isn’t simple, users won’t return.


2. Simple = Satisfaction

Zubie’s slogan “Plug In. Connect. Go.” has always been a guiding principle for our product. We hope that the most difficult part of our installation is finding the OBD-II port on a car (and believe us, it’s not always obvious). And our software setup is as easy as downloading an app and inputting a bit of data about your fleet.

Many consumer devices, even sophisticated voice assistants, don’t even come with a manual anymore. And why should they? If a customer can’t instinctively figure out what a gadget does, why do they even need it? The best devices fill a clear customer need and create satisfaction from the moment they open the box. 

It’s that type of consumer simplicity we strive to deliver in our setup. With Zubie, our hardware installation and removal is simple enough that a non-technical person can handle it. You don’t need to carve out time for your technology wizard to install our device or load our software. You can be up and running in less than 15 minutes. And that leads to satisfied bosses and customers.


3. Simple = Savings

Finally - a good product should be “set it and forget it.” When something just works, it means there’s no time spent learning or troubleshooting. Your productivity should never decrease when you’ve engaged with a product that your business needs. The less time you spend learning to use the software, the more time you spend actually optimizing your business.

Zubie customers can now visit our new and improved user experience, which features a slimmed down, stylish interface that will save you time and effort. For our current customers, you’ll see how we’ve evolved our user experience to make tracking and maximizing your fleet even simpler than it was before -- fewer clicks to get to your most important information.And for those of you who are using older fleet management software, or those of you who aren’t using telematics, we believe you’ll find our ability to protect your assets and optimize your business. But don’t take our word for it -- talk to a Zubie representative and see if you qualify for a 30-day no-hassle pilot!

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