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How to Improve the Performance of Your Fleet Drivers

Your fleet-based business depends on excellent driver performance. Fleet management software can not only increase driver productivity and accountability, but also your bottom line.

When GPS trackers are installed in fleet vehicles, the management software is able to record and analyze vehicle data in real time. This information gives you an accurate picture of driver habits that you can use for training and improving performance.


Aggressive driving habits can put your equipment and employees in danger. To help control this, you can use fleet management software to monitor your drivers’ speed and driving patterns in real time. The software can be programmed to send alerts to your phone or email when your drivers may be speeding, performing dangerous behaviors or if accidents are detected. Drivers that use risky maneuvers on the road can then be counseled or retrained.

Fleet management software can even track vehicle conditions like engine performance, tire pressure and fluid levels. With this information vehicles can be serviced before they become hazardous or break down, improving both your bottom line and the service to your customers.

Decrease Idle Time

If your vehicles aren’t moving, chances are you aren’t making money. Idling vehicles are also responsible for increased air emissions, wear on engine parts and wasted fuel dollars.

Instead, let fleet management software track metrics like fuel consumption, efficiency and idle times. You can program your software to alert you to when idle times exceed your preset standards. Drivers that spend excessive amounts of time idling can be directed in ways to reduce the amount of time they spend at each stop.

Reduce Unauthorized Vehicle Use

Drivers that take their vehicles home can present a special challenge to fleet managers. Employees that use company vehicles for personal use cost managers money with increased fuel consumption as well as maintenance costs. With fleet management software you can receive alerts on vehicle use outside of authorized business hours.

GPS trackers let you know where your property is at all times. Set your software to alert you when your vehicle is not where it should be to reduce theft and possible damage.

Increase Productivity

When drivers know they are being monitored, they are more likely to follow the rules. Tracking also improves compliance with scheduled stop, start and break times. Drivers are also less likely to deviate from assigned routes.

Fleet management systems increase productivity by providing real-time traffic information straight to your driver’s vehicle. Traffic accidents, road construction and other slowdowns can be avoided.

Customer Satisfaction

Improved driver and fleet information can in turn lead to increased customer satisfaction. In fact, one of the benefits of fleet management software is the ability to receive and communicate information to customers. For example, geofencing allows you to send updated delivery times straight to your customers’ phone or email. In addition, decreased fuel and maintenance expenses decrease costs that may otherwise need to be passed on to the consumer. 

When used in combination with training and incentives, fleet management software will improve your drivers’ response times, reduce accidents, and lower fuel & maintenance costs.  All of this results in happier customers.

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