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on April 13, 2020


At Zubie, we have been researching the trends in our customers’ fleets during March, when many states entered lockdown conditions under stay-at-home orders. In general, fleet mileage has been down roughly 30% across all industry sectors, and consumer mileage over 40%. The reduction in traffic is immediately and strikingly obvious on interstate highways, with very few drivers making long-distance trips. 

With traffic down, one would expect a reduction in safety issues - but media reports are detailing surprising results. Speeding is a near irresistible temptation for many drivers: the New York Times reported a trend of speeds increasing as much as 288% in some locations (though the rate of fatalities did decrease overall). Seattle reported a 100% drop in traffic fatalities for March. These reports would support our expectation - fewer cars, fewer miles, fewer incidents.

Other locations have not shown the same trends, however: in Indiana, with traffic reduced significantly, the number of traffic fatalities in March 2020 exactly matched the number from 2019 - in other words, the rate of traffic fatalities compared to vehicles on the road actually increased. And near Zubie’s corporate headquarters in Minnesota, the Office of Traffic Safety reported nearly double the fatalities on state highways in March 2020 compared to the previous year. That office puts the finger squarely on one factor: speeding. 

Zubie Fleet Connect customers are accustomed to viewing their Fleet Score on the application’s dashboard upon logging in. While Zubie’s driver scores blend a variety of factors from driver behavior and vehicle usage, Fleet Connect users can also customize the relative weights of these factors to fit their needs. Especially at a time where some businesses have had to quickly ramp up hiring to meet delivery demands, Fleet Scoring is a great way to monitor driver safety. Meantime, keep your drivers safe and your fleets running smoothly by remaining vigilant about safety issues - whether it’s speeding, hard braking, or rapid acceleration, all of which are easily tracked with Zubie.

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